Frequently Asked Questions

When will my coffee ROAST/SHIP?   We currently roast on Monday and ship within 24-48 hours of roasting. During high volume weeks, we also roast on Thursdays. 

What happens once I place my order?  Within moments you will receive a confirmation email. We will follow up if we have any questions and then we will roast and either ship or deliver it to you. 

Free delivery?  We offer free delivery to the Spring Hill, Thompson's Station, and most of Franklin. In most cases coffee will be delivered to your door Tuesday afternoon. If you would rather pick up your coffee just let us know we are happy to make arrangements. 

We offer Bulk and Custom Private Label Coffee.  If you need 10 lbs. or more or a monthly basis or would like to create your own special blend send us a message. We love creating something special and are happy to work with you to create a label and exclusive blends!

What if I still don't know what I want?  Then you are one of our favorite customers! Send us a message and we can fit you with a coffee that will meet your needs!