Ethiopia Guji - Abiyot Boru

Ethiopia Guji - Abiyot Boru


Ethiopand Guji - Abiyot Boru

Excited to bring you this beautiful new coffee from Ethiopia! Organically produced by tradition however not certified. Brought to you by over 700 small holders as part of the Abiyot Boru Mill. High grown, natural process, and dried on raised bed the maximum flavor has been preserved from the producer and brought out in out roasting process! It is smooth and creamy with a bunch of berry flavors and a classic Ethiopian clarity. Brew with a paper filter as a pour over or for a punch of berry flavor try it as espresso!

Flavor Notes: Smooth and Creamy rasberry, dried strawberry, blueberry and Blackberry

Region: Oromia , Shakiso District

Farm: 700 Smallholders, Organically produced by tradition

Variety: Indigenous Heirloom

Process: Natural, raised Beds

Elevation: 1650-1800 MASL

12oz. 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee

Roasted in Spring Hill, TN

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