El Salvador Micro Lot 12oz.

El Salvador Micro Lot 12oz.


Medium body and smooth with deep cocoa Almond flavor and grapefruit sweetness! Just a good solid coffee.

Region: El Tunel, La Palma, Chalateango

Farm: La Montanita

Variety: Pacas

Elevation: 1300 MASL

Process: Washed

Medium Roasted and such a good coffee. Smooth and almost buttery, it has a pleasant lingering taste that is sweet and remains smooth in your cup as it cools.

Use as a Pour over, Chemex, or Espresso for best resaults.

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El Salvador La Montañita Chalatenango

Score: 88

Cools smoothly. Classic Central American cup, distinctly Pacamara.

Fragrance:Savory, dark chocolate, devil’s food cake with fudge frosting

Aroma:Bakers chocolate, almond caramel, vanilla


Flavor/Nuances:Cantaloupe, cherry, light brown sugar, melon, peach

Body/Mouthfeel:Lingering, present, not overpowering.

Finish/Aftertaste:Sweetens as cools, flavors differentiate.

Bean Basics

Origin:El Salvador


Farm:La Montañita



Process Method:Wet Processed

Regional Information

El Salvador has traditionally been known for bigger estates in Santa Ana. Chalatenango wasn’t really on the map until Cup of Excellence came. The first year of CoE, Santa Ana was in the top places in the competition; the second year, Chalatenango “was discovered.” This area has had good results due to its Pacamara variety and significant climate difference from Santa Ana: It’s a much cooler climate.

Unique Salvadoran Varieties

Pacas was discovered as a natural dwarf mutation of Bourbon by Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa on  his Finca in the volcanic Santa Ana region of El Salvador in 1949. This happy accident produced a high-yielding variety that grows well at high altitudes. Noticing the high production rate of this new variety of plants, Fernando  began cultivating them separately, eventually leading the naming of the new variety after the Pacas family. Its high yield also led to its use as a parent in the development of the new Salvadoran variety Pacamaras in 1958.