BerryBOLD Cold Brew Filter Bags 6pack

BerryBOLD Cold Brew Filter Bags 6pack


6 BerryBOLD iced coffee filter brew bags. Each bag makes 1 qt. of iced coffee. Each 6 pack makes a total of 1.5 gallons of iced coffee. (Product shown in 1 qt. Mason Jar is only available locally. Online orders arrive sealed in a eco friendly compostable kraft paper coffee bag.)

To make the iced coffee place one filter bag per quart of water in a container and set in the fridge for 24 hours. Then just remove the filter bag and your iced coffee is ready!

BerryBOLD is specially blended to have a bold coffee flavor and a smooth almost sweet finish without any additional sugar or cream. But, by all means if you like your coffee with some or lots of cream go for it! It’s bold enough to shine through.

Pairs well with real half and half creamer and caramel or vanilla syrup.

Filter bags contain 100% Specialty Grade Arabica coffee from Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, and Ethiopia. Roasted and packaged by Great Escape Coffee in Spring Hill, TN.

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