About us

COMMUNITY: Great Escape Coffee was born in a season of first steps and fresh starts. In these times our family leans into the old saying, "If you want to see God laugh, tell Him your plans."  This phrase has helped us to shape our perspective towards community and business. We have settled into an unassuming approach to let the business grow as our connection to the community grows. We are not here to sell a bunch of coffee, rather to engage with a community over our passions. We seek to be an example to our kids to work hard, serve others, and follow God's lead.

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS: In the fall of 2016 I (Ben) fell and severely broke my ankle while taking a victory jog home after reaching a goal to run a mile. And God laughs. While on bed rest I took some time to dive into one of my greatest passions coffee. This time learning to roast, spending hours and days learning everything I could from sourcing the best beans, roasting profiles, buying the right machine for us, marketing, etc. 7 weeks later our roaster arrived and we began the task of burning bean until we got a grasp on orchestrating the machine and beans into the tastes and feels we desired! 

DREAMING ON: One year after the accident we are busy roasting for events, dreaming about what's next. Most importantly we hope to continue to pass our passion on to the community of friends and family that have supported our little business start. Our passion is to create great coffee, and our mission is to serve our community the passion planted in us! The future of Great Escape Coffee rests solely on our ability to follow through with the gifts we have been given, and we are excited for the journey!