Iced Coffee

Making the perfect cup (or pitcher) of iced coffee doesn't have to be complicated to get refreshing great taste! Read on to discover how to make fresh iced coffee at home!

What you will need:  

Coffee Ground Fine (Summer Escape is roasted specifically for Iced Coffee), Pitcher of ice, Water just off the boil (or between 201-205F), Strainer (holes in bottom work best) and a Flat Bottom Coffee Filter.

Flash Brewing Process:

  1. Place your strainer on top of a pitcher filled with Ice.
  2. Heat water.
  3. Place filter and coffee grounds in the strainer, gently shake to level grounds. 
  4. Pour water over grounds starting in the center and working your way out just until surface is covered.
  5. Wait 35 Seconds or until surface has bloomed (bubbles will form as the coffee soaks in water and releases gases)
  6. Slowly pour remaining water over grounds in circular pattern.

How Much Coffee/ Water?

Normally we use a 15/1 ratio of coffee to water. Because we are adding this directly to ice used the following measures:

Glass - 30g (~1oz.) Coffee,  225ml (7.6oz) Water, 1/2 to 3/4 glass of ice

Pitcher - 138g (4.8oz) Coffee 1035 (35oz.) Water, 1/2 - 3/4 pitcher of ice


Here is my set up for making a pitcher of Iced Coffee at home!

Here is my set up for making a pitcher of Iced Coffee at home!

Ben Massung