Chemex Pour Over

Here are the basic steps to a great Chemex pour over. 

You can always tweak the process to your personal tastes. Start with this and adjust as desired. 

What you need - 

Favorite Great Escape Coffee ground medium. 

Fresh filtered water

Pouring kettle

Chemex Vessel and Filter


The Ratio - 

1 part coffee/ 15 parts water


The process - 

Heat water to 198 - 204 degrees 

Place Filter in Chemex and wet with hot water to rinse the filter and warm the vessel

Replace filter to vessel and add coffee, shake level and make slight pit in the center.

Pour enough water in a circular pattern from the center to wet grounds and just start to drain through the filter. Wait about 30 seconds

Pour remaining water through the filter slowly. When dripping from the point of the filter has slowed remove the filter and enjoy your coffee!

Tips and Tricks - 

If your coffee is coming out to strong than you desire adjust the grind slightly more course. If that is not possible, keep the ratio the same but add hot water at the end of the brewing process.

If your coffee is to weak, adjust the grind more fine and keep the ratio the same. If this is not possible, use less water in the brewing process.

I prefer to use a paper filter for most light and medium roast coffee. For darker coffee's use a french press or other mechanical/metal filter. This allows the oils in darker roasts to go through the filter rather than be trapped in the paper. 




Ben Massung