A simple way to brew coffee one cup at a time!

AeroPress is a MUST for the home brewer. Great for a quick morning coffee on your way out the door, that afternoon pick me up, and especially travel friendly!

Here is a simple brew guide for your coffee. I brew using the inverted method. 

  1. Heat water and measure out one scoop (provided) of fine ground coffee.
  2. Put coffee in upside down AeroPress (filter removed), slowly add water until 3/4 full. 
  3. Stir coffee for just a few seconds to make sure all grounds are evenly wet. 
  4. Pour water until it has reached the top and place filter holder with rinsed filter on AeroPress. 
  5. Flip the press over on a sturdy mug (see shop for GEC mug) and press with even pressure.
  6. When you hear air escape, stop pressing. remove filter cover and push coffee and filter into trash or compost and rinse AeroPress.
  7. ENJOY your clean smooth cup of Great Escape Coffee!

To snag one of these for yourself follow the link to the shop: AeroPress

It really is simple. We will post a video soon!  (There is an old video of Ben demoing the AeroPress on the Great Escape Coffee Facebook.)


Ben Massung